Three Examples of Faith


Three examples that faith is not just believing but acting on what God said.

By faith Abraham went out, 11:8

Faith of Abraham–acted on what God said about something that was to happen in the future. It had not happened yet, but in the future it would come to pass.

Abraham believed what God said about Abraham’s future. Abraham left his family behind to follow God’s promise. Abraham did not know where he was to go. God promised, God said the land was there, and that was all Abraham needed to pack his family and leave.

 By faith endured hardship.

He lived in tents. He experienced temporary discomfort in order to arrive at the promised city. A city with foundations–Abraham had been living in temporary conditions. This city would be a permanent city. For the hope of the future, he left his past and his heritage to go on a journey, not knowing where the journey would finish.

It requires faith to leave our comfort zone. We fear anything that is going to threaten our security. But if we want to experience God in our lives, we must step out from the comfort zone. Faith of Sarah–acted on what God said something impossible to happen. God said, “You, a man without children; a man 75 years-old; you, Abraham, will have more descendants than the sands on the seashore.” Genesis 12:1-7.God can do the impossible. “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” {Genesis 18:14}.

The principles to learn:

–because God said something, Abraham and Sarah staked their whole lives on what God said. If you want to live a life of faith, you must be prepared to leave your comfort zone for no other reason except God said.

To live a life of this kind of faith shows the world that we are doing something only Jesus can do.

“Declare plainly” and “clearly show” the world what only God can do.

We have some projects and goals. They require us to not be like we’ve always been. By stepping out, we are showing the lost world that we are seeking something more than this world–we are seeking the heavenly. And once we get started, we must stay focused. Once we get afraid or intimidated by the cost involved, we are in danger. We go backward, and will never become what God desires.

Therefore, we seek first the kingdom of God, and realign our priorities. God has something for us.

So what should you do?

  1. Place your life right now into the hands of God.


  1. Ask God about the areas in your life where He desires to do something great. Lost relatives, broken homes, hurting marriage, ministry at church.
  2. Ask God what He needs you to do. “Lord, how can I take that first step of faith?” It may involve saying no or yes to someone; losing something so that God can replace it; cutting loose from a group of people who pull you from God, but they’re the only friends you have.
  3. Allow God to replace what you lost. God replaced tents with a city He made.

To be a person of faith, it takes more than saying you believe.

It is to act on what you believe.