5 Ways to Show Affection


Five main ways of showing affection as children of God to individuals is by modelling Jesus. He showed us the best approach to do this is by doing the following

  1. Uplifting statements

Luke 24:50-51 Jesus favoured the supporters preceding His rising.

Matthew 26:10–11 Jesus certified the one who washes His feet.

Ephesians 4:29 we are told to express just words that will bestow elegance to individuals

  1. Spending Quality Time Together

Matthew 9:10 Jesus ate at Matthew’s home.

Luke 19:5-6 Jesus remained at Zacchaeus’ home.

Luke 24:36-46 Jesus invested energy with his followers after His restoration.

  1. Receiving Gifts

Matthew 7:11 Jesus said God loves to give good gifts to His children

Matthew 15:35-37 Jesus fed the multitudes.

  1. Demonstrations of Service

John 13:1-5 Jesus washed His disciple’s feet.

Mathew 8:16 Jesus healed the multitudes.

Matthew 20:28 Jesus said he came to serve people.

  1. Physical Touch

Matthew 8:3 Jesus touched the leper.

Matthew 8:15 Jesus touched Peter’s mother in law and heals her.

Mark 10:16 Jesus took the children into His arms and put his hands on them

God has commanded us to love one another – let’s make a commitment to do that daily!

  • Use all five different ways to communicate love to people.
  • No matter how well you may or may not have communicated love in the past, this is a new day – a new beginning – to begin walking a life of love

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Pastor Gabriel